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Welcome to the boatshack - or båtbua as we locals call it.
Båtbua is a small restarant, slash pub, slash fastfood - one stop shop in Lyngør/Gjeving.

If you want fantastic seafood dishes or just want to sit down with locals as well as summerguests to share stories and have a cold one, or if you're just craving a greasy burger or a pizza? - well, you guessed it - the boatshack is the place for you.

Our opening ours in the summer season (june-august) are from 11.00 to 02.30 - every day.

Contact us for any reason on our phonenumber - +47 92 43 65 60 - or via e-mail paulpabua@gmail.com. You are also welcome to leave us a message via Facebook.

For more information - contact us. Or just drop by with the help of google maps.
Have a great day.

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